Who We Are

A gym is a place where you find health conscious and passionate individuals who want to stay fit and in tone. At present time, gyms are the most crowded places as more number of individuals wants an ideal body shape. There are thousands of gyms in the country but the Al Aman gym in Qatar is the best of all. It is a home to thousands of individuals who want to achieve perfection in health. Everybody wants an ideal body and to fulfill that, our gym is the best platform to realize this dream.


What Makes Al Aman Gym the King?


There is no doubt that the Al Aman gym is the king of all gyms in Qatar and the best gym in Doha. There are many factors which help in giving it the popularity and the sophistication.


Achievement of the gym:


The gym has achieved a lot in few years of its establishment. At present time it is the prime choice of the individuals who want to change their body shape. It has maintained its reputation all over Qatar and the world by helping tens of thousands of people who want to achieve ideal muscular structure.


Uniqueness of the gym:


It has world-class infrastructure and can accommodate many people at the same time. It helps to give an ideal atmosphere which increases the focus and zeal in the new learners. The registration system is very flexible and you can take admission as an amateur but it is certain that you will become a fit individual in a less time.


Number of trainers:


We have about 60 professional trainers who have an ample amount of experience in giving the best training to amateur individuals. They are experts and know various techniques which help in toning the body at a faster rate.




It is located in the heart of Qatar in the city of Doha which makes it a prime hub promoting health and fitness all over Qatar. It is interesting to note that people from far and wide come to do training from Al Aman gym. We have 7 branches in Qatar which are located in Wakra, Muaither, Bin Mahmoud, Abu Hamour, Old Airport, Doha and Muntaza, Doha. Only for ladies gym in Rayyan.


World class equipment:


The center of attraction of the gym apart from its trained faculty is its equipment. All of them are based on latest technology. Treadmill, squat rack, dumbbells, bench press, and all other tools are present for all the trainees. There is an ample number of mirrors, mats, and washrooms which is desirable.


Healthy is Happy!


Being such an outstanding example in the field of physical fitness and training, our gym has continued to provide physical fitness to health seekers. All this has made it very popular and a renowned name. There is a shortage of healthy individuals in the world and more proportion of the population is overweight and obese, therefore, to make the world a healthier place more people should join the gym. At present time, there are about eight thousand customers who are given physical training. Add your name to the list and witness a better change in yourself. Enroll yourself in Qatar fitness center today and join the family of people who want to change for good.


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